welcome to Doni Travel

Do I need travel insurance?
We recommend you to apply for insurance. Prices may vary depending on how long you are planning to be away and where you are travelling.

What should I do if I need to use my insurance?
Always bring a copy of your insurance with contact details to your insurance company.

What will happen if I book a ticket and do not pay?
If you do not pay within the due date your booking will be cancelled automatically.

Can I make a new booking after a cancellation?
You can if there are tickets available.

When and how will I get my ticket?
You will receive your ticket when meet at the airport.

How do I pay for my trip?
You can pay by using our PlusGiro account or by paying cash. Our PlusGiro number is: 112 08 23-8

When is my booking valid?
It is valid as soon as we have received a deposit from you.

Are there any discounts for children?
Yes for children under the age of 5.

Can I get my own hotel room?
Yes you can if you pay extra. You will have to notify us if you wish to get your own hotel room at the time of booking your holiday.

Is it possible to have more than two people staying in one room?
Yes you can be three people staying in one room.

How much money should I bring?
It depends how much you want to spend. The food and most activities are paid for already.

Will there be a beach?
When we visit Alexandria and El Fayom there will be an opportunity to go to the beach. (If the weather allows).

Do I have to get vaccinated?
It is not a must by you might want to.