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Good to know

Arrive early before check-in time due to security checks at the airport.

» Passport
You are responsible for your own passport and will have to make sure you have a valid visa. A Swedish passport must be valid for an additional 6 months after arriving Egypt, if not the airline may refuse to take you on board since you will be refused entry in Egypt. If your passport is due to expire you must make sure you apply for a new one before you travel.

» Visa
You have to make sure you have applied for a visa before you travel to Egypt. Swedish citizens will have to apply for a visa at the Egyptian embassy in Sweden.

If you are not a Swedish citizen you will have to contact the Egyptian embassy and find out if you require a visa. The visa application costs about 180SEK. Swedish citizens can also obtain a visa at the airport in Cairo; the cost is about US$15.

» The address to the consulate in Sweden:
Egyptiska Konsulatet
Box 14230
104 40 Stockholm

» Visas
The following is required to obtain an Egyptian visa:
  1. A completed and signed application form (Acrobat Reader is needed to open the form, click  hereto download Acrobat Reader).) Children under the age of 18 will need a parent’s signature.
  2. A passport-sized photograph.
  3. A passport valid at least 6 months after the visa expires.
  4. A preen-paid and self-addressed envelope for the return of your passport after the visa has been issued.
  5. Payments should be made through the post office if you apply via mail. Cash payments are only accepted if you apply for the visa in person at the consulate.


Tourist visa

One entry Multiple entries
Scandinavian, Baltic, Canadian and British citizens. 180 SEK 220 SEK
The rest of the world. 275 SEK 425 SEK

Business visa

British Citizen 695 SEK 1200 SEK
Canadian Citizen 520 SEK 785 SEK
Zimbabwean Citizen 350 SEK 640 SEK
Nigerian Citizen 700 SEK 1180 SEK
Nigerian Transit Visa 510 SEK 670 SEK
» Address:
Strandvägen 35 NB
» Telephone:
08-660 31 45
» Visiting- and telephone hours: