Regeringskansliet (Government offices of Sweden)
- Here you can gather information about embassies and consulates from various countries and useful advice before you travel.

Polisen (The Swedish police service)
- Here you can find information about passports and travel documents.

Tullverket (Customs)
- There are different rules depending on if you travel within the EU or not.

(The LFV Group Swedish Airports and Air navigation services)
- It is a state enterprise responsible for air traffic control.

Försäkringskassan (Social insurance Office)
- You can find necessary information if you happen to get ill or get injured while on holiday.

- It is easy to catch various bugs and diseases while you travel, but there is also an easy way to protect yourself from them.

Global Reseskydd
- A very beneficial and economical travel insurance that will cover all your trips during the whole year.

- Here you can find visa information for every corner of the world.

Forex (Exchange office)
- Here you can exchange 75 different currencies for a very good rate without having to pay a service fee.

- The latest weather report online.

- Everything about mobile networks all around the globe.