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Concerning 8 days and 7 nights...

» Day 1
(Departure/ arrival) depart from Arlanda Stockholm, flight is estimated to 4 hours and 45 minutes…
» Day 2
Sightseeing at the pyramides. Aftyer lunch we will head to Kerdase to visit a Gelabeya factory.
» Day 3
Sightseeing in Alexandria. In Alexandria we will see king Farouks castle and garden. If possible we will go for a swim.
» Day 4
Cairo museum. The largest planed museum in the world. Here you will be able to see tressures from the time when the Faros lived.
» Day 5
Trip to Fayoum in the Sahara desert, might be able to sunbake/swim.
» Day 6
Trip to the Faros village, a journey back in time.
» Day 7
Old market which calls "Khan Al Khalili" plus activity of your own choice.
» Day 8
Depart Egypt.
Do not forget the camera!!!

» Please note!
We might have to change our schedule sometimes depending if the activity listed is suitable for that day. We will let you know before hand so you can plan each day in advance.